Black talent, creativity, and labor have been exploited for centuries in the U.S. and globally. I, like many non-Black Americans, grew up admiring and enjoying music that I often didn't explicitly acknowledge was "inspired" by and heavily borrowed from Black artists.

I remember my first American history professor in college emphatically stated that Elvis basically took Black music and made it "safe" for white audiences. But even before that, I was shocked that Vanilla Ice actually got a hit as one of the first white rappers.

I have to say the biggest surprise to me has been the young people in Asia who adopt Black American culture (e.g., men and women with dreadlocks who attempt rapping while wearing baggy clothing and sneakers).

I'm sure it does come to the point where you just don't have the energy to try and teach the countless number of people who keep doing this. I think more of us who know better should help those folks understand how to appreciate Black art and culture without co-opting it.

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