Escaping from Reality With an Extravagant Disney Vacation Like the Celebrities Do It

I’m using my Medium earnings to pay for a VIP tour at Disneyland this summer and I don’t regret it for a second.

Anna (she/her)
6 min readMay 26, 2022


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I am a middle-aged mom with an unhealthy obsession with Disneyland — the original park Walt Disney first created in 1955. I’ve written before here about my love for Disneyland:

For me, my Disney love story started with finding myself and being comfortable in my own skin. At Disneyland, I was no longer the daughter of immigrants, wearing weird clothes sent from relatives in Asia and eating smelly unfamiliar food. At Disneyland, we wore Mickey Mouse ears (which my otherwise frugal parents actually bought for us) and ate churros. I felt like I could blend into the crowd (even as an Asian American) because Disneyland welcomed visitors from all over the world. It was one of the first places where I felt like I really belonged.

My husband tells friends I treat our Disneyland trips like “a coordinated air/land/sea/space assault on a fortified and dug-in position.” He’s not wrong. I invest hours reading DISBoards and other websites identifying the latest tips and tricks to maximize our time, money, and energy.

He grudgingly acknowledged my research paid off because we have been able to enjoy our daughters’ favorite rides multiple times despite heavy crowds on every one of our past five family trips.

Yet with COVID, we have not been back to Disneyland Resort since March 2019. I had assumed we would go in 2020 but then COVID wrecked everyone’s travel plans.

So after finally resolving some health issues thanks to my recent major surgery (a laparoscopic hysterectomy) and surviving more than two years of avoiding COVID (our family of 4 is among the only ones I know where no one has tested positive), I’m planning a trip to Disneyland and I can hardly contain my excitement.

We are going over-the-top with a VIP tour to skip most of the lines and make the most of our time there. Yes, just like the Kardashians, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, and other famous celebrities, we’re going to have a “plaid vest” walk us to the thrill rides we love.



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