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  • Steve Majors

    Steve Majors

    "High Yella” — Available now at your favorite book retailer

  • Rocco Pendola

    Rocco Pendola

    I write about doing life and personal finance, focusing on the psychology of our relationship with money. https://roccopendola.substack.com

  • Pete Lynch

    Pete Lynch

    Pete Lynch is an editor and writer. His humor has been published in McSweeney’s, New Yorker, Slackjaw, and Points in Case.

  • Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie

    College instructor who writes about life, pop culture, and growing up working-class. I can quote entire classic episodes of The Simpsons from memory.

  • Andy Taylor

    Andy Taylor

    I want to learn. I try to grow. I’d love to help.

  • Alex Heery

    Alex Heery

    Cook and food writer based in Mexico City. Thoughts on food, LATAM, and feelings. | IG: https://instagram.com/_alexheery

  • Amanda Hirsch

    Amanda Hirsch

    Writer and mother. On a mission to fill the world with stories that tell the truth about women—and with women who tell their stories.

  • Hal H. Harris

    Hal H. Harris

    Black on both sides. Medium Writers Challenge Winner. The founder of Established in 1865. I Tweet @Established1865. E-mail is hal.harris@est1865.com.

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