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  • Dawn Bevier

    Dawn Bevier

    I am a teacher, thinker, learner, and writer. You can reach me at dawn.bevier@yahoo.com

  • Ylfa Perry, MD (she/her)

    Ylfa Perry, MD (she/her)

    Overgrown tomboy, doctor, teacher, writer. I like your dog, rollerskating, and adolescent humor. I’ll be honest with you. . .

  • Christine Vann, MSc.

    Christine Vann, MSc.

    Content writer & owner of parenting site Bumpsnbeyond.com. Top writer. Interests: consumer & cyberpsychology. Contact me Christine@Bumpsnbeyond.com

  • Jessica W.

    Jessica W.

    AKA Not Carrie Bradshaw. Writer and Podcast Host covering style, pop culture, mental health.

  • Elisabeth Ovesen

    Elisabeth Ovesen

    3x New York Times bestselling author, Senior Copywriter, and essayist. https://www.lilibetovesen.com/

  • EllenEastwood


    Freelancer | Pop-culture enthusiast | Armchair cultural anthropologist | Generalist | Curious | Adventurous | Top Reader

  • Judy Walker

    Judy Walker

    curiosity led, relationship fed, a lover of life writing about the gritty, the lovely, the naughty, and joyful bits of humanhood. jituska.jw@gmail.com

  • Robin Schoenthaler, MD

    Robin Schoenthaler, MD

    Covid-Translator. Cancer doc: ~Three decades at MGH. Writer and storyteller: Moth Grand Slam Champion. Mom. www.DrRobin.org, @robinshome, robinshome2@gmail.com

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