I am sorry you have been treated so poorly by so many Asian Americans. While I don’t agree with everything you wrote, I can understand how your experiences have led you to these conclusions.

While there have been tiny communities of Asian Americans in the U.S. for centuries, most are recent immigrants. Many of our families were only allowed into the country after the immigration laws were reformed in 1965. The overwhelming majority of immigrants to America lack familiarity with American history. They don’t know about the Civil Rights Movement. They don’t know about Jim Crow or racist banking laws.

Immigrants also are socialized to think that success requires being white-adjacent, which means adopting anti-Black racism. Perpetuating racism is one way to preserve the status quo.

There is something to be said about historical trends and sociological influences, yet I do still think your observations are over generalized. I know that many of the kids of immigrants — like me — reject that thinking after learning about systemic racism, the history of the Civil Rights Movement, and making friends with people of all races, especially Black friends.

I think I’m almost 30 years older you, but I would love to be your first Asian American friend who respects your opinion, admires your talent, and applauds you in your endeavors. Perhaps having an Asian American in your life who isn’t condescending, judgmental, or derisive will change your opinion of us as a community.

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