I am stll thinking of this story and had to come back. Do you know why this is? The visibility of some Asian Americans' success is largely because racist immigration policies only allowed the highly educated to immigrate here at first. The preference system set up the elite from other nations to immigrate here. It has nothing to do with "inherent" traits.

Some more recent immigrants from Asia are NOT doing as well because they weren't equipped with the advanced degrees of the earlier cohort. Maybe they came as refugees, maybe they're the less educated siblings of the first wave. For example, my dad earned a PhD here in the US on a full scholarship--that's why he was allowed to stay in the U.S. He then applied for visas for his seven siblings and his parents. None of them have advanced degrees and none of them did as well as he has financially. But the media loves to point out the few Asian Americans who have "pulled themselves up by their bootstraps" to shame everyone else who has not. They just fail to point out that some people had advantages to even get boots!

I also want to point out that Asians are ALWAYS used as a wedge by mainstream America. Society is set up so Asians think they might be granted honorary white status. Many Asians naively believe this true and adopt anti-Black racism as a result. There is no meritocracy and there is no justice when we fight for scraps in this existing system.