I can just imagine the beautiful light, the adorable naked toddler, and the sense of having struck "movie magic" before he defecated. Ha! What an image.

I also admire your bravery taking your young kids on an international trip. I was too chicken to take my kids on a plane until they were 4 and 7. I think I was scarred by the nightmarish trip my mom took to Asia with my younger brother (still an infant who had to be held) and me (14 months older) when her father died. My dad had to work so she took the 2 of us by herself on a 12+ hour flight. I cannot even imagine how daunting that must have been. Thank goodness for the kind stranger who held my brother on that flight while my mom held me! By the time my kids were 4 and 7, they were super easy to travel with and we've happily enjoyed some great trips together.

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