I think your criticism of FSW's weak reason for rejecting your story is valid, but I think your subsequent decision to criticize and degrade the publication's previously published content is unfair and hurtful. It feels like "victim-shaming" to say that "strong women" don't get published by FSW because they only publish stories from "women who've been beaten, abused, and broken by men."

I've read some FSW stories and it seems to be a place for women to share their experiences. Reclaiming our voices when we have been beaten, abused or broken by men is an important part of survival.

Anyhow, just my two cents. I know it's not worth much, but I think the second complaint about their publication focus muddies the water and takes away from the legitimacy of your complaint about the rejection.


9X Top Writer. Proud grad of CA public schools. Committed to justice & leadership development. Wife & mom of 2 girls & 2 big dogs. Love to eat almost everything

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