Is this advice realistic for kids who don't have middle-class (or wealthier) parents? What about the kids who aren't conventionally attractive? I think it's hard for many parents who have struggled to pay the bills to encourage their kids to pursue a job in an industry known for judging actors based on their appearance.

My immigrant parents absolutely would have disowned me if I had wanted a career in the arts. As it is, they repeatedly told me growing up that I should pursue a career in STEM since it's harder to discriminate against a woman of color when STEM industries have clear "objective" answers (versus other industries where there's more subjective evaluations).

I ultimately didn't go into a STEM career given my lack of talent and interest, so it's not like I listened to them. I am also wealthier than they were when I was growing up. Yet I still wouldn't encourage my daughters to go into the arts. I know they won't starve and I know they can withstand the repeated rejection, but I think the reality is that the American entertainment industry (theater, movie, etc.) still doesn't offer many roles for Asian women. And my 6th generation American kids don't speak a word of Chinese so they can't head to Asia either.

Anyhow, this is interesting advice and I'm sure it would make sense for middle class (and wealthier) white parents with attractive kids.

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