I've been out of law school for 20 years now and no, I don't cringe when it comes to my opinion on how terrible that man's legal work-product was. I DO cringe thinking of that terrible contract that makes me believe the man wasn't paying attention to his 1L year contracts class.

My father-in-law was a great man, but he hired a terrible solo practitioner as his "business lawyer." I know it sounds arrogant but that licensed attorney really did not know how to write a contract, let alone a prenup. I suspect he was one of those people who graduated law school and opened his own firm because he couldn't get a job elsewhere.

Sadly, there are people who do this despite not knowing how to actually practice law. Just because you pass the Bar doesn't mean you're a good attorney. He may have had his license, but he did not know what he was doing. I could tell the low quality of his work based just on my two summers working for excellent attorneys.

If you read my article, you also saw that I DID hire an experienced family lawyer who also looked at the contract, laughed, and said she was starting from scratch. She had 30+ years of experience writing prenups and stayed on top of the law. She was well worth the $2,000+ fee I spent to protect my interests.

In fact, I'm sure if I showed that first draft to non-lawyers who have some familiarity with contracts (e.g., an experienced business owner who regularly reviews contracts, not my father-in-law who only looked at one type of contract, the one this man drafted that they had patients sign), they would also be horrified that this man had the audacity to charge for his work.

8X Top Writer. Proud grad of CA public schools. Committed to justice & leadership development. Wife & mom of 2 girls & 2 big dogs. Love to eat almost everything

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