THANK YOU, Jared! This resonates so much with me, particularly after the back-and-forth I've had with another Medium writer who called me out for my once/year international travel (only for the past 5 years, since I didn't have time/money to do it earlier).

I explained that I do care about reducing my environmental impact (e.g., installing 3 different solar panel systems, purchasing electric cars, reducing the meat in my diet, reducing my water and electricity use, etc.) yet I finally have the time/money to travel once per year and am unwilling to give up that luxury. His point is that the earth is in too deep a crisis for my other efforts to be enough and that I must do more and abandon travel so his kids and mine have a future. So yes, I'm a selfish person who isn't doing enough because I want to travel overseas once per year.

I would welcome your thoughts, too, but don't want to "link bomb" you with it if you're not interested. I shared this link with him on his latest story to talk about how condemning individuals is far easier than holding more powerful interests accountable, so he may wander by here, too!

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