This was truly thought-provoking, as my initial thought was, "Any carb-heavy food with maple syrup tastes delicious." But then I read further and found myself second-guessing myself, especially after reading about how French toast's texture is always soggy and spongy.

I was especially convinced after you spoke of how you can slather butter, poached egg, or scrambled egg on a slice of toast instead.

One of my favorite dishes is what some call "Frog/Toad in a Hole." I keep saying variations in the name but it's basically an egg fried into a slice of toast. You cut out a small circle in the middle of a slice of bread, butter it, and then crack an egg in that hole and pan-fry the bread to a nice crispy texture (while still ensuring your egg yolk will be runny). It's awesome, especially as we like to slice avocado on top of the egg, too.

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