We are a two-parent WOH family, too, but my husband is the cook. My biggest tip is to use your freezer! We even got a second freezer. He cooks 2-3 times/week so we eat leftovers in-between cooking days. We also defrost pre-cooked food from the freezer when we run out of food before the next time he can cook.

Sometimes tweens/teens eat twice as much as usual when they're going through a growth spurt. Sometimes they eat very little, so we just freeze leftovers for future use. This means we don't have to rely on takeout food as a back-up when we run out of food early and he doesn't have time to cook a new meal.

You got a great list of chicken options, which we eat a ton of every week. Chicken pesto pasta (Costco has a great pesto that freezes well!) and an Asian-inspired soy sauce/ginger/garlic Chicken that we oven roast are also favorites in our house.

My teens are also old enough to cook simple meals (like homemade Bolognese sauce) and clean up after themselves. So we know they can fend for themselves, too.

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